About Prime Location

Dreaming about a big house with a beautiful backyard? Or maybe a modern apartment in a quiet neighbourhood close to beach? Whatever your dream is, we focus on the big picture to help you find the perfect place you’ve always desired. No matter what state of purchase you are in, we are here to make the process simple, efficient and enjoyable.

Prime Location, a real estate company based in Goa, the state which is known, not only for its endless beaches, stellar nightlife, eclectic seafood, and world-heritage listed architecture but an amalgamation of Goan culture (largely influenced by Portuguese traditions) and present-day modernity at its best.

At Prime Location, we discover and built a place you will love to live. With just the right ones amongst many, we showcase exclusive properties, you will want to call home. With more neighbourhood insights, we capture the color and diversity of communities. Our properties, whether they are ready to move in or under construction, are exclusive and the best because we do not showcase any property but only those, which have passed all our evaluation criteria are nothing less than PERFECT. We believe that in the end, everything comes down to human connection and relationships. So, we always do honest communication, removing unknowns and constantly improving.

With a highly experienced and talented team, Prime Location is committed to get the best property for your dream home, as we strongly believe that buying a home is done from the heart, and the total experience should be completely transparent and smooth.

We have multiple options to choose between, either, Studio apartments, 1-2-3 Bedroom Apartments, in a gated complex, a luxurious villa OR to build your own farmhouse in the lap of lush green mountains, with the cool sea breeze blowing at your face and crazy waves knocking at your feet. You throw a query and we will provide the perfect deals.

The purpose can differ whether to buy a property or to look for a holiday home to spend your vacation, healthy life, or good returns on your investment but the aspiration of Prime Location remains the same with its commitment to high quality, unique style, and remarkable service that separates us from the circle because as our name suggest, we only showcase the hidden gems, all across Goa.

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